School in a Box is used in health literacy, agriculture, adult literacy and school environments. A community engagement approach and ethos informs holistic individualized design in each environment we work in.
In Mozambique, School in a Box is deployed in 5 Adult Literacy centres in Maputo province in collaboration with UNESCO, the Ministry for Education in Mozambique and Matola Adult Literacy Training Institute. Already a bank of lesson plans and content created on the iPad linked to local literacy, numeracy and life skills curriculum have been developed by teachers piloting the project. In Cabo Delgado province School in a Box in being piloted in collaboration with the Aga Khan Foundation and The Agrarian Institute of Bilibiza, with a view to equipping the future generation of agriculture technicians with the skills to use IT in agriculture extension.
In Nepal, School in a Box is deployed in primary and middle school environments in collaboration with the Karuna Shechen charity and Himalayan Children’s Society. At 3000m altitude and without access to grid electricity, Yalbang School uses SIAB across a range of classes and curriculum.
In Burkina Faso, School in a Box is in use in Juvenat Saint Camille secondary school in Ouagadougou in collaboration with Teng Tuuma Geoservices.

Upcoming Projects

The School in a Box project is about to commence further pilots and research with Clinton Health Access Initiative and UCD Medical School, in a number of maternal healthcare facilities in Mozambique, and with Irish Aid and the Mozambique Ministry for Education in a primary school in Maputo.
The project continues to iterate and develop with each new project, and next iterations will focus on providing more remote feedback, support, updated content and mentoring for teachers and partners through network connections on the devices.