New Primary Education Project in Mozambique with Irish Aid

School in a Box

Pilot with teachers from Guava School - creating meaningful contexts for learning

In a collaboration between Irish Aid and Institute of Art Design and Technology (IADT) Dun Laoghaire, working together with the Min- istry for Education in Mozambique and Guava School in Maputo city, third grade teachers in the school are implementing the School in a Box programme. Teachers are trained to use the technology in a methodology to make learning meaningful in a local context and more interesting and fun for children in danger of dropping out of school. Over a very short period of time teachers were demonstrating their skills, not just with the technology, but with this new participative and interactive pedagogical approach. Focusing on literacy, numeracy and natural sciences, fun, interactive and locally recognisable lessons are developed by the teachers over a very short period of time.

Building a community of practice and peer support, teachers share expertise and content with each other, and capacity is built in the local teacher training institute to provide support and mentoring as well as ongoing training for the next phase of implementation . 

Local leadership has emerged at school level, with strong capacity to deliver and support the teachers practice with the new technology and participative pedagogical approach. Monitoring and evaluation will be co-ordinated and carried out between all partners over the coming months, examining how the new teaching practices can be integrated in the school, and in 2016 how they can have im- pact on learning outcomes in the student population.