School in a Box - India

A member of SIAB research and development team visits Chennai, India next week.

Teach For India are collaborating with the research and development team behind SIAB testing a unit in Chennai, southern India. Srini Swaminathan, City Director at Teach For India, Chennai and members of his team are testing SIAB in a number of Teach For India schools in Chennai. Philip Penny a member of the research and development team behind SIAB will spend next week there visiting 11 schools.

Teach For India launched in Chennai in June 2012 beginning in 29 classrooms across Chennai. Over 2011-2012 fourteen school leaders of various low income community classrooms signed agreements with Teach For India. Seven schools are public schools that come under the Corporation of Chennai city and the rest are private schools that take in children from under served communities.

Each school has at least two teachers and in total Teach For India impact about 1100 children across the 29 classrooms, averaging about 36 kids per class.