Himalayan School in the Mountainous Humla Region in Nepal Receive a Consignment of 10 Units of School in a Box

Watch Nepal 2 min from FÍS IADT on Vimeo.

From the outset, IADT have recognized the vital importance of developing and fostering relationships with organizations and partner institutions that act as representatives or champions of SIAB on the ground. Choosing the right partner with key personnel who understand the SIAB solution in a ‘holistic’ way is a vital part of the process and great care is taken at this initial stage.

IADT*  partnered with Karuna-Shechen (www.karuna-shechen.org) a non-profit humanitarian organisation that works with a network of local partners and volunteers to provide education, health care and social services in the greater Himalayan area.

 This relationship has allowed us to proceed with our second SIAB pilot deployment. Ten SIAB units have been deployed in Humla, the highest (3,500 meters) and most remote region in northwestern Nepal, close to the border with Tibet. The Nepal deployment presents most of the challenges that the SIAB solution was designed to overcome.

David Baugh, digital media expert and Apple Distinguished Educator / Mentor travelled to Nepal to oversee deployment and deliver the Train-the-Teacher program to 11 teachers and 3 teaching assistants.  David’s prior experience of living, working and trekking in Nepal stood him in good stead for this challenging assignment.  

*IADT researcher, Philip Penny is carefully monitoring the roll out and providing support to the school on an on-going basis to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for the students and teachers involved.