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School in a Box

School in a Box (SIAB) is a community digital engagement project developed by the Institute of Art Design and Technology (IADT), Dun Laoghaire, Ireland ( IADT has over a decade of experience working with Irish teachers in supporting and facilitating the use of film and digital technologies to enhance learning in the classroom (, and hosts the National Film School in Ireland. 

SIAB is a mobile solar powered digital education solution suitable for any learning environment in remote locations without access to electricity. It is a flexible and inclusive solution that can be used, for example, in primary or secondary schools, outdoor schools, field farm schools or other vocational training environments, community clinics, adult literacy or community learning. The ethos of School in a Box is in community engagement and capacity building, working with a Design Driven Innovation (Verganti, 2009) approach to providing a solution for the needs of end users; from primary school teachers and students high in the Himalayas, to young mothers or illiterate farmers in remote villages in Mozambique, to teachers in over-crowded low resource classrooms.

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